Sexual Self Confidence Subliminal

End your insecurities regarding your sexual life and become truly sexually confident!

The positive affirmations contained in this subliminal recording will help you in many areas (not just sex). Feeling inadequate? Stop it! You are unique and sexy, so just tell your stubborn subconscious that you are finished with doubt when it comes to sex. In fact, tell it repeatedly with this subliminal recording. Be relentless.

I am confident.
My body is beautiful.
I am giving satisfaction to my partner.
I am sexually confident.
Individuals see me a sexual person.
I am attracting individuals around me.
I’m comfortable in my potency.
I pleasure my companion always.
I’m comfortable in bed.
I like to display my entire body.
My skin is pleasurable.
I want to attempt new positions.
I have an active sex existence.
My partner appreciates my moves.
My genitals are arousing my partner.
I’m a wonderful lover.
I usually bring orgasm to my partner.
Sex with me provides my companion numerous orgasms.


This album it is neither a magic pill, nor you will see changes overnight, but with continued use it will reprogram the way your mind works.

Listen to the album once per day, or play it before an important event to make sure the messages are refreshed in your mind.
This album consists from 4 digital file MP3, same affirmation on each track different background:

1st Track is baroque music, for someone that likes that type of music. 13 min

2nd  Track has new age music 28 min

3d Track is ocean subliminal 30 min

4th Track is rain subliminal 30 Min

Disclaimer: Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care. We do not cure nor give advice for health. Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding health issues. Do not play the MP3s while driving or operating machinery. All our subliminal albums are for entertaining purpose only.