Love Cleaning and Housework

Enjoy House Work Subliminal

Love Cleaning and Housework Subliminal

We learn to stay at home during harsh time and we did things around the house. Some of us cleaned everything but when time to get back to our old life, things were gone wrong. Now the house is cluttered, the desire to do something about it is not there anymore and there is no time. How can I keep this house clean? How can I learn to enjoy doing house work? I am bored. I want a clean house but am not easy. All sort of excuses we know, we did it ourselves. You can try our subliminal audio.

Affirmations used on this Subliminal

I clean my house with pleasure. I look forward to a clean, neat home. I get rid of unnecessary things. I cut my junk mail and throw it away. I take care of junk mail the day is arrives. I avoid clutter at all cost. I look through closets and discard old stuff. I make my mind to get rid of clutter. I cheep my counter tops always clean. I organize my closets. I organize my drawers. I love to have less clutter. I immerse in my own thoughts when I clean my house. I feel in my own private time while cleaning. This is the time when my mind it relaxes. My hands are working without effort. I am happy to clean in and around my home. I am the most organized person I ever met.

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