Law of Attraction Subliminal

Law of Attraction Subliminal

Law of Attraction Subliminal, Law of Manifestation Subliminal

Law of Attraction also called Law of Consequences; it is the law that governs our universe. Likes always attract. This mean, good thoughts attract good outcome, bad thoughts attract bad outcome. Good behavior encourage good results, bad behavior encourage bad results.

It is just simple.

In life we all want good and not bad things o be attracted to us. Because we have the power to change our lives using our mind, why not influence the outcome in a positive way.

Subliminal is the greatest tool to create such outcome.

Affirmations used on this subliminal:

I have a positive mind. I manifest positive thoughts. I attract positive people. I am attracting good people in my life. I am attracting opportunities. I am attracting money. I am a magnet of positive vibes. I rewire my subconscious mind to think positive always. I attract abundance. I manifest abundance. I manifest a life of luxury. I manifest love. I manifest always success. I am attracting good friends. I am attracting great relationships. I close my eyes and always think at success. I instantly manifest positive outcome in my daily life.

What you will receive:

This is a subliminal download.

You are receiving 4 Mp3s

Ocean Subliminal 15 Minutes

Rain Subliminal 10 Minutes

Birds Subliminal 15 Minutes

Silent Subliminal 11 Minutes

This makes a total of: 51 minutes

Please do not play any nature sound while driving. Subliminal is objective and it takes times.

Thank you for trying our product.