Get Confident with Men Subliminal

Get confident with men Subliminal

This subliminal works very well together with “Attract men” but also can work by itself.
Don’t fear men; instead, associate with those who respect you. They want to impress you (and basically everyone), so knowing this, you go forward with confidence.
You transform into a mysterious, sensual creature who is greatly desired. Play it often for success!
I feel good around men. I am attracted to men and men are attracted to me. Men find me sexy and appealing. I feel relaxed around men. Good-looking men are attracted to me. I project confidence. Men like to be my protectors. Men like to know me. Men want to know me. Men want to approach me. Men find me interesting. I feel good around men. Men make me feel happy. Men are good with me. Men are kind to me. Men are very friendly. I enjoy dating men. My body language encourages men to talk to me.

This album is neither a magic pill, nor you will see changes overnight, but with continued use, it will reprogram the way your mind


Listen to the album once per day, or play it before an important event to make sure the messages are refreshed in your mind.
This album consists of 3 digital file MP3, same affirmation on each track different background: Ocean, Rain, and Music. Each track has a length of 10 minutes or more

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