Flirting Skills for Anyone

FLIRTING Subliminal

Flirting Skills for Anyone Subliminal MP3

If you are shy and feel like your flirting skills need polished, we recommend this subliminal. No need to go to a school and learn how to flirt. No need to listen to your friend who is a jerk and thinks that calling a woman” Hey Babe “is a great line. All you need is bringing up from within yourself that beautiful light that is residing in you.

All you have to do is be yourself, don’t be shy and do not use catch up phrases that can put anyone off.

You have to trust in your abilities. Let us bring the light from within you. Lets us put a glow on your personality and a smile on your face.

Affirmations used on this subliminal mp3:

I am an interesting person. When I see someone I like instantly I smile. My smile is beautiful and charming. Just one look makes the person I want interested in me. I am confident and charming. I always dress with style and class. When I offer my attention to someone instantly they want to be with me. My voice is calm, confident and reassuring. I have a gentle touch that gives people pleasure. The way I act is intriguing and attractive. The one I want, sees me how they want to see me. My honesty and good intentions prevail always. Any one that I meet, wants to be with me. I am sensual and attractive. I listen and I show empathy. I have qualities that makes me an amazing flirtatious person. I am successful in flirting skills. Subliminal download- A link will be sent to you right after payment.

You are receiving 4 Mp3s

Ocean Subliminal 17 Minutes

Rain Subliminal 15  Minutes

Birds Subliminal 15 Minutes

Silent Subliminal 14  Min

This makes a total of: 48 Min

Please do not play any nature sound while driving. Subliminal is objective and it takes times.

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