End Procrastination Subliminal

Subliminal Stop Procrastination

End Procrastination Subliminal

Procrastination should be a sin in the same line with lying and cheating. Being lazy is Ok once in a while, but making it a habit, will affect your job, your relationship and your life in general.

People that procrastinate are also depressed. Their house is a mess. Their plans are always on the back burner.

We put together a subliminal audio which we hope to help you change this nasty habit.

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Affirmations used on this subliminal program.

I am determined to change my life in a good way. I am always on time. I finish everything I plan to finish. I have deadlines and I respect them. I make plans and I keep them. I am very organized with my time. I always repair things when are broken. I am always motivated. I am always driven. My life is perfectly organized. My time is perfectly divided. Every problem I have a solve it in an instant. I am motivated. It feels good to have all the assignments done in time. I am admired by my friends. I am highly motivated. I Get Things Done.

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You are receiving 4 Mp3s

Ocean Subliminal 17  Minutes

Rain Subliminal 15 Minutes

Birds Subliminal 15 Minutes

Silent Subliminal 12 Min

This makes a total of: 48 Min

Please do not play any nature sound while driving. Subliminal is objective and it takes times.

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