End Anxiety – Stop Worries and Fears Subliminal

Overcome Anxiety Subliminal

Stop Anxiety
Stop Anxiety subliminal
  • Our subliminal will make you feel relaxed, will bring calm and ease to your life.
  • Changes will sneak on you. You will manage stressful situations and be cool when panic attacks are coming your way
  • Your inner peace is very important for a good healthy body and mind and our subliminal will help you whenever you feel the need
  • Keeping serenity in your life will also bring you advancement in your career
  • Our subliminal will control your emotions and all changes will come slowly but surely in your life.

Worrying does no good. Think positively and make your plan, then work your plan from outside of yourself. Don’t let anxiety rule your life! Fight back with this subliminal MP3
I think clearly, My life is under my control. I relax at will. I am safe and secure,I feel calm and safe. Being calm is my natural state. I enjoy spending time relaxing.I project calm in and out. I am at peace with myself. I release feelings of anxiety. I detach from anxiety. My body is strong and relaxed. I am free of worries.I am free of worries and stress. I am safe. I am calm. I am in a good place. I am worry free. I am serene.


This album it is neither a magic pill, nor you will see changes overnight, but with continued use it will reprogram the way your mind works.

Listen to the album once per day, or play it before an important event to make sure the messages are refreshed in your mind.

There are 5 subliminal tracks – each track between 10 and 15 minutes (times varies)