Become a Faithful Person Subliminal

Are you struggling with honesty and being faithful? Well, is it time to change your life for the better? Smoke and mirrors can be fun when you’re not hurting anyone (you are single), but thinking that your special someone doesn’t know is wrong. It is hurting them, and eating you inside, so think a little. Embrace commitment Become loyal and faithful because you promised it; Our subliminal audio will make you become again the person you always wanted to be. If you have stepped a little over the edge is time to come back. Faithful people have better health, sleep better because their conscience is clean. If you really want to leave the past behind, and all the cheating, please make a real effort. Love your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, like in the beginning.  Life is much simpler and uneventful but is so rewarding, to hug the one you love look into their eyes and say I love you without a shadow.

Affirmation For becoming Faithful 
I realize more and more how lucky I am to have a good Significant other. I want to be honest with my Significant other and start over with a clean slate. I feel more and more desire for my Significant other. I love my Significant other. I will do the right things. I feel good about changing my habits. I deserve to win and be happy. My Significant other takes care of me so I take care of my significant other. I want to show my Significant other that I deserve the love. I will be honest with my Significant other and ask for forgiveness. We can be good again. We have grown together and it is time to settle down. I want to just be with my Significant other from now on. I like the simple, honest life. I want to change. I am satisfied with my Significant other

This Album is made from two files. Each file is 30 minutes long. 1 Track Rain Subliminal and 1 Track music subliminal.


This album is neither a magic pill, nor you will see changes overnight, but with continued use, it will reprogram the way your mind works.

Listen to the album once per day, or play it before an important event to make sure the messages are refreshed in your mind.