Attracting Women Subliminal

Attract Women Subliminal

Seduce Women Subliminal

Be careful what you wish for, and plan for what to do when you get it!

Subliminal script excerpt: “I am clean, confident and ready for action. I am patient and
satisfied. I feel great. I have secrets that interest women. Women want to know me. Women want to be with me. I must be cautious, because ALL women want to be with me. Women find me attractive. Women want to be around me. Women find me irresistible.


This album it is neither a magic pill, nor you will see changes overnight, but with continued use it will reprogram the way your mind works.

Listen to the album once per day, or play it before an important event to make sure the messages are refreshed in your mind.
This album consists from 5 digital file MP3, same affirmation on each track different background: Ocean, Rain, Music, Birds  and Silent subliminal. Each track has a length of 10 minutes or more

Attract Women Subliminal
Attract Women Subliminal