Attract Money, Abundance, and Success

We all want money and abundance. Some of us receive it and some of us don’t. Why do you think is that? Some say is luck, but the consensus is that our mind is the most powerful money maker. Money is floating all over us, in digital form, or is sitting in someone’s drawer ready to be spent. If you want to have the money you must work for them, but besides putting your sweat and hands at work, you need to be in the right frame of mind. You must accept that you deserve money, that money is coming to you from unexpected sources daily. That your idea is coming to life, people want your idea, they like your work.

Success is gained. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon (or a gold spoon).

The Law of attraction is a real thing and you can make it work for you. If you think low about yourself, do not expect to win. If you think that you deserve just a little, you will never have enough. Think big, dream big, and most of all think positive. However years of education and the way you were brought up in society – told you (and us) that money comes from hard work. 

This excuse was pondered into our brains that almost is embedded in our DNA. However now we know, that if we want something we can have it, and don’t need to give our lives for it.

This subliminal recording uses those affirmations: 

I attract money subliminally. Money is raining on me. I receive as much money as many drops of rain come from the sky. I have abundance in my life. I make money every day. I receive money from a known and unknown source. Money is my friend. I receive money while sleeping. I manifest abundance in my life. I have a very happy life. I am safe and secure financially. I have money in every place in my house. I have unlimited revenues. I create money easily.


This subliminal is made of two recordings.

Rain Money Subliminal 30 min

And Ocean Subliminal 30 min