Alpha Male Subliminal

 Become an Alpha Male Subliminal using positive Affirmations

Embrace Being a Man and Increase Masculinity with our state-of-the-art subliminal mp3. 

All of our positive affirmation will help you:

Become an alpha male 

Increase your confidence, 

Improve your social skills

Develop social magnetism 

Attract beautiful women 

Be a leader in your group.

Be always followed by friends and admirers

  • Do you have problems with your self-image and worry about what people think?
  • Do you admire your confident friends that pick women easily?
  • Do you feel that always you are a beta male and stay in the shadow of your friends?
  • Would you like to develop social skills and confidence that help you talk with women?
  • Do you feel that your life is holding back on your success due to a lack of confidence?

Our subliminal mp3 will help you reprogram your mind, bring up your self-confidence, unleash all your potential, and much more.

This subliminal mp3 album will tap inside your primordial mind and unchain your qualities, bringing up to the surface, the lion within you.

Positive Affirmations to Become Alpha Male

Today I am becoming Alpha Male. All my good qualities are resurfacing. I am the leader of my group. I have followers that envy and love me. I am a smooth talker. I have success in leading any group of people. People see me as an alpha male. I am strong and confident. I exude confidence with every fiber of my beeing. I am a supreme alpha. Everyone wants to be accepted in my group. I select my friends and women as I see fit. My life is full of amazing adventures. My mind is sharp and I give good advice. Women are flirting with me. My allure and strong confidence impress everyone.

There are 4 Subliminal Tracks, 42 minutes total running time.

Ocean Subliminal Mp3 Alpha Male

Rain Subliminal Alpha Male

Birds Subliminal Alpha Male

Silent Subliminal Alpha Male.